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A Message from the National President,

Welcome to the Blinded Veterans Association Auxiliary (BVAA) National website. We are family and friends of Veterans who served in a branch of the military of the United States of America and have become blinded. In many cases the veteran’s impending blindness was a direct result of military duty; in many more instances, the veteran became blind years after military service from an accident, hereditary, age-related condition, illness, or any other of a myriad of causes. The Veterans’ common bond is that they all served honorably for our country – and now, because of their blindness, have joined with their “brothers” in the Blinded Veterans Association as “Blinded Veterans Helping Blinded Veterans.” As the Auxiliary to the BVA, we exist to assist that blinded veteran we care about; to support the BVA in their endeavors; and to aid and strengthen each other.

Here you will have the opportunity to learn what the BVAA is and what we do. Please explore our site and revisit it to learn more, to see what is happening with the BVAA nationally and in several of our Regional Groups. Many of our members are “at-large” in all 50 states and Puerto Rico and would enjoy learning that there is another family member or friend of a blinded veteran in their vicinity.

You will also find links to some of the Regional Groups of the Blinded Veterans Auxiliary and contact information for our officers and standing committee chairs. Membership applications and Scholarship information are also available on this site. We would love to hear from you.

The Blinded Veterans Association Auxiliary welcomes your friendship, your support of our auxiliary; and your support of all our blinded Veterans through the BVA – and all of our military men and women serving the USA at home and throughout the world.


Sandy Krasnodemski,

BVAA National President


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Spouse's Planning Guide 2011 Edition - Prepared by Department of Veterans Affairs Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST)


To Apply for National Membership in the BVAA - Please use either xhtml (web page) or Word (.docx):

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Below are all of the forms you need to apply for the Renee Feldman Scholarship offered by the Blinded Veterans Association Auxiliary.  This will be the twenty-ninth (29th) year that the BVA Auxiliary has offered scholarships to the children or spouse of Blinded Veterans.


Blinded Veterans Association Auxiliary Rene Feldman Scholarship  2015 - 2016

Instructions for the Applicant

Scholarship Application in Word (doc).

Scholarship Application in Word (docx).

Scholarship Application in html and can be printed from here. Links are listed from Page 1 through Page 4. Each Page has a separate Link.   Page 1Page 2Page 3, and  Page 4  




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